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Basic Video Marketing Package

Services Included

  • One promotional video with up to 2 minutes of runtime.

  • Basic video editing, including cut, trim, and simple transitions.

  • Social media promotion on two platforms for one month.

  • Basic analytics report at the end of the campaign.

  • Benefits:

Basic Video 
  • Affordable entry point for small businesses or startups.

  • Increased online visibility and engagement with a professional video.

  • Basic understanding of video performance through analytics.

  • Benefits:

Standard Video 
  • Better online presence with multiple professional videos.

  • Extended promotion period for sustained visibility.

  • Insightful analytics for understanding and improving video performance.

  • Better engagement with target audience across multiple platforms.

Standard  Package 5175 x 3450.jpg

Standard Video Marketing Package

Services Included

  • Three promotional videos with up to 3 minutes of runtime each.

  • Professional video editing including color correction, sound mixing, and text animations.

  • Social media promotion on four platforms for three months.

  • Monthly analytics report with insights on viewer engagement and recommendations for improvement.

Premium Package 5175 x 3450.jpg

Premium Video Marketing Package

Services Included

  • Six promotional videos with up to 5 minutes of runtime each.

  • Advanced video editing with animations, professional voice-over, and licensed background music.

  • Social media promotion on multiple platforms with paid advertising for six months.

  • Bi-weekly analytics report with detailed insights and continuous optimization recommendations.

  • SEO optimization for video content to enhance discoverability on search engines and platforms like YouTube.

• Benefits:

Premium Video 
  • Comprehensive online presence with a series of high-quality videos.

  • Extended and optimized promotion for maximum visibility and engagement.

  • Detailed analytical insights for data-driven decision making.

  • Increased traffic and potential customer conversion through SEO optimization.

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